The Zloam Wirt philosophy

A pleasure-filled realm of hospitality, cosiness and delicious food

Cosy get-together around the table keeps heart and soul fresh

The Zloam has long been a popular meeting point for all ages. Many clubs are based here and generations have learned how to ski here. People meet up to swap news and tell their stories. The Zloam Wirt welcomes everyone to enjoy a leisurely glass of wine or a good meal.

The best from our area

We are proud of the fact that the majority of the products that we have carefully and lovingly chosen, come from local and regional farmers and suppliers. Our neighbours Lis & Karl Zloamhütter (beef and lamb), Regina & Reinhart Pehringer in Grundlsee (bread and dairy produce), the Buttererhof in Gössl (cheese & game), Veronika & Martin Schober in Bad Aussee (lamb & sausage products), the Stanglhof in Bad Aussee (veal & vegetables), Fischerei Ausseerland (char & Reinanke), Bäckerei Schlögel in Bad Aussee (bread & pastries), Edelwels in Bad Mitterndorf (catfish) and our vegetable supplier "Am Seebacherhof" in Bad Mitterndorf (vegetables & local fruit), who all do their best to produce food of the highest quality, are our friends and cherished partners.
Based on these high quality products we create our meals, which are taken from classic dishes served in traditional Austrian inns. Delicious, traditional meals at a fair price and (more than) satisfied guests is our maxim, which we do our best to provide for you each and every day.

The beer of the Austrians

For around 530 years, sustainability, regionality, value creation in situ and the quality of the beers have come first at Stiegl Brauerei. After all, it is exclusively local ingredients that are used. The values that Stiegl feel obliged to uphold 100% tally with our own.

A love for fine wines

When it comes to wines, the emphasis is of course on ‘Styrian’, but classic Lower Austrian and Burgenland wines ought to feature too.

Bottoms up!

Coffee comes from the other side of the Pötschen pass, from Upper Austria. The blend of coffee beans specifically mixed for the Zloam Wirt is lovingly roasted on a wood fire by Apotheker Hrovat’s.


The locals have known for a long time - the water from Findlingsquelle makes the best schnapps. We have been able to get hold of this precious spring for the Zloam. We are happy to pass on the invigorating water from our own spring, a gift of nature, to you and serve it with our own bread chips, seasoned with Ausseer rock salt, as a token of our hospitality.

Our tip: a ‘spring’ hike to our Findlingsquelle – a genuinely mysterious and energy-filled place.

Us for you

As a young team we place a great deal of emphasis on high-quality produce when it comes to food & drink. The loveliest thing for us is when our joy in providing genuine ‘inn culture’ is passed on to our guests through our commitment in the kitchen and the service we provide.

Enjoy your time here with us!